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schiller sport X1 water bike creates new aquatic cycling experience

the schiller sport inc. ‘X1 water bike’ has created a new aquatic sport and the next frontier for cycling – road, mountain and now water. it is a further development from the article we published about his first water bike project, the ‘baycycle‘ which  worked by attaching a bicycle onto an inflated base. the 45 lb bicycle is constructed from anodized aluminum as well as stainless steel, and also features a rudderless steering system and two inflatable pontoons which ensures maximum user safety. the twin oscillating propellers are controlled by the handlebars allowing the rider to turn left and right, as well as being one of only a few velocipedes that goes in reverse. an exhilarating and dynamic, yet safe experience is produced as speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour (10 mph) can be reached.

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@ciclocourier  My work My Pride #messlife

@ciclocourier My work My Pride #messlife

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seus olhinhos de noite serena - seu madruga ♪ (


seus olhinhos de noite serena - seu madruga ♪ (

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